Everyone's on

The same page

Work just got easier with
team messaging 2.0

All of your work in one place, instantly searchable on your favorite device.

Create messages and channels, drag and drop files and links and let your team see every project communication in one place.

Instantly chat, talk or screen share with your team & clients.

With private messages, group chat, private and public channels, your team is always connected. Need more clarity? Simply Meet Now or screen share and get more done.

Messaging Features

Private Messages

One on one messaging with file and link sharing on any device anywhere.

Group Messages

Add someone to your chat and they see the chat history from that moment on.

Everything Searchable

This is where your work lives. Everything is at your fingertips ready to share.

Private Channels

Create a project and invite your team & clients - everyone is on the same page.

Public Channels

Open a public channel and your whole company is up to date.

Drag & Drop File Sharing

It's that simple. Drag a file, the team gets notified, and you're a Friday hero.

Meet Now (instant meetings)

Turn ANY chat or channel into an instant meeting with audio, video & screen share

Screen sharing

Show them don't tell them. Everything gets simpler with screen sharing.

P2P Calls

Call anyone with Skrumble for FREE to any of their favorite devices.

External Members & Clients

Invite your clients into channels and chats, it's as simple as one click

Any Device

Desktop, mobile, tablet, app or web app - get it done from anywhere.

Reliable & Secure

Cloud redundancy and triple layer scrambled security keeps it safe & sound.

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