It's just like

Being there

Now everyone is in the loop

Are you paying too much
to go to a meeting?

Get HD Audio & Video Conferencing with Screen Share, File Sharing and Chat. So powerful, yet so easy and affordable.

With 1-Click invites,
conferencing has never been easier

No software downloads needed.
Simply click the invite and join the meeting in a browser.

Screen share on
any device, anywhere

HD Conferencing - the next best thing to actually being there.

HD Conferencing Features

Inline Messaging

Write a private message or talk to the entire group. Drag & drop files to share.

HD Audio & Video

Doesn't everything look better in High Definition? We think so.

External Members & Clients

Invite your clients into channels and chats, it's as simple as one click.

Screen Sharing

Show them don't tell them. Everything gets simpler with screen sharing.

Meet Now (instant meetings)

Simple click for instant meetings with audio, video & screen share.

Any Device

Desktop, mobile, tablet, app or web app - get it done from anywhere.

1-Click Meetings

Your clients have never been happier. No downloads - simple click, it's so easy.

Drag & Drop File Sharing

It's that simple. Drag a file, the team gets notified and you're a Friday hero.

Reliable & Secure

Cloud redundancy and triple layer scrambled security keeps it safe & sound.

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